Ten Soundings


Composer: Derek K. Hakes

Arranger: Derek K. Hakes

Octaves Handbell: 2 – 3 and 4 – 6

Octaves Handchimes: optional

Level: 2 – 3

Sounding #8:


Sounding #6:



Ten Soundings – Fanfares for Bells –  is a unique collection of ten original, short, level one to level three, twenty-measure compositions. Each Sounding consists of a four measure introduction/coda and sixteen measures of thematic material. Within each piece, there exist no bell changes. Further, each piece is one page in length and can be played by either 2-3 octave ensembles (left page) or 4-6 octave ensembles (right page) and can be memorized, if desired.  Derek lists nearly 60 hymns that fit with one of these 10 fanfares and many options for their use. No bells used charts are included, since all bells within the selected key signature and specified range are needed. This is a work of genius and one of the most flexible sets of hymn additions you will find anywhere!

Ten Soundings comes with permission to print as needed for your group.

Please view pages 3 and 5 in the PDF below, for a complete description of how these Soundings can be used.

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