A Joyful Celebration


Composer: Paul McKlveen

Octaves Handbell:  4, 5, 6

Octaves Handchimes: 3

Level: 3


Paul has created a truly joyous original piece, written in G-major, which features a delightfully infectious melody that will leave everyone humming or whistling this tune! The rhythmic accompaniment sets and maintains the style of this work throughout. Melody is featured in the treble with bass rhythm except for a dozen measures which finds the rich, inner voices carrying the tune with the high bells providing the accompaniment. Addition of handchimes ringing triplet patterns is just the right change in sound and texture to keep this work engaging. A creative rhythmic segue to the key change to Ab-major where the final section revisits the opening theme. Paul has included suggested handchime assignments.


This will definitely be a great addition to your group’s repertoire, perfect to fill the need for any joyous, uplifting occasion – in worship or in concert.


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