Allegretto ~ Symphony No. 7 ~ Beethoven


Composer: Ludwig Van Beethoven

Arranger: Frances Newell

Octaves Handbell: 5

Octaves Handchimes: 3

Level: 3



The lovely Allegretto from Symphony No. 7 – Op. 92 by Beethoven – was deemed by Beethoven himself to be one of his best works.  The Allegretto was immediately quite popular and immediately requested at encore and was often performed apart from the complete symphony. Frances has nicely captured the feel of this 2nd movement, and subtle mallet and Pluck techniques provide a lovely variety of sound and texture.

It should be noted that Beethoven conducted the premiere at a charity function, honoring the soldiers wounded in battle — and part of his introduction included: “We are moved by nothing but pure patriotism and the joyful sacrifice of our powers for those who have sacrificed so much for us.”  This would be a lovely piece to program during these unsettling and challenging times – not only due to its history but for its calm sonority and lyrical melody.

Beethv7 Mvt 2 20648 web


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