Composer: Linda Boatright

Octaves Handbell: 5

Octaves Handchimes: 5

Optional:  Spoken voices

Level: 4



Imagination and a gift for composition inspired Linda to create this amazing, sophisticated work filled with praise and excitement! Inclusion of randomly whispered “alleluia” will add to the powerful effect this work will have on the congregation. The basic 4-note melody (C#, B, F# and E) and variations on it appear throughout the piece including handchimes and serves as the basis for a very nicely developed harmonic structure. A melody rung in the 4’s is featured in a legato section with bass handchimes supporting it and higher treble chimes providing interesting accents. Table mallets and plucks, well-placed dynamics, and amazing segues all work together to make this the perfect piece for Easter, Christmas, or any celebration!

Alleluia 20646 web


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