Alley Cat


Composer: Bent Fabric (Frank Bjorn)

Arranger: Hart Morris

Octaves Handbell:  5 (with opt. B3)

Octaves Handchimes: 1 oct:  (G#5-A5-C#6-D6)

Level: 3



Anyone alive and listening to pop music in the 1960s  will remember this delightful instrumental tune written by a Danish musician – according to Wikipedia – born Bent Fabricus-Bjerre –his pseudonym is actually Frank Bjorn!  It first became popular in Denmark and Sweden and then made its way around the world to Australia and North America. Known for having a ‘toe-tapping’ rhythm and infectious melody, it was ‘covered’ by many ‘pop tune’ greats and remained an instrumental piece – although lyrics have surfaced from time to time.

Hart has created a delightful handbell arrangement with the melody mainly rung in the treble clef accompanied by malleted accompaniment in the bass and treble 5’s. It should be noted that the treble melody features eight-notes and eighth-rests – to be rung and damped – not RT or TD.  Nicely placed handchime statements in a few places plus addition of optional pizzicato bass and basic drum set rounds this out into an instant audience-pleaser!  You will definitely want to program this on your concerts!


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Handbell score, Percussion score, bass score


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