Composer: Scott Joplin

Arranger: Paul W. Allen

Octaves Handbell: 3 – 5

Octaves Handchimes: n/a

Level: 3



Antoinette, is a “March and Two-Step” written by Scott Joplin and released in 1906. It is rumored that it was dedicated to his friend, Marie Antoinette Williams. It is mostly Rung and malleted and in the style of a ‘march.’ There are several repeats and of course, a nice “Trio” – as is the style in many of Joplin’s works. Joplin emphasized that it should not be played so fast that it feels hurried nor should it go so slowly that it loses its ‘swing.’  (The recording is dotted-quarter = 96.)  Here is a great addition to your group’s concert repertoire!

Antoinette 20753 web


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