Arise, My Soul, Arise!


Composer: Finnish folk tune


Arranger: Linda Boatright

Octaves Handbell: 5 – 6

Octaves Handchimes: 5 – 6

Level: 3+



Johan Kahl was a Swedish hymn poet, having written over 50 hymns before he tragically drowned at age of 25. His poem, Arise, my soul, Arise! Stretch forth to things eternal …” was set to a Finnish folk tune and only in the last half-century, included in several hymnals and choral arrangements. Linda Boatright has taken this simple tune and created a beautiful, sophisticated arrangement for handbells. It begins with singing bells or optional random, suspended bells accompanying the simple melody rung on handchimes. The tune continues featured in both the bass and treble bells with a variety of styles and accompaniments that will thoroughly engage everyone listening to this amazing work. A captivating Adagio section with lightly rung handchimes creates a lyrical background as the bass bells ring a hint of the melody. Ensuing segues and key changes will prove to be very engaging and dynamics, tempo and time signature changes ultimately lead to a fully-developed final section which will inspire and thrill every listener.

This is rated 3+ since it is accessible by solid level 3 groups – but Level 4 and 5 ringers will find satisfaction in ringing it at tempo with maximum accuracy in dynamics, expression, and techniques.

Arise My Soul Arise 20709 web

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