Carillon Celebration


Composer: Chris Yiu

Octaves Handbell: 5 – 7

Octaves Handchimes: 2 – with opt. D2-C3

Level: 3+



Carillon Celebration is an original work that emulates the sound of a carillon pealing its joyful sounds. The lyrical melody is supported by a syncopated bass line which then picks up the melody, while the treble bells mart lift. An expressive middle section features LV passages with bells and chimes ringing the melody in octaves for a nice change in texture. The piece is nicely developed and returns to the original melody and syncopated accompaniment, a key change, and addition of optional handells or handchimes from D2 – C3 supporting it all. This is an amazing piece suitable for concert or any celebratory occasion.


Carilllon 20508 web


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