Creation Etere


Composer: Timothy H. Waugh

Arranger:  n/a

Octaves Handbell:  5 – 6

Octaves Handchimes: 5

Level: 4+

Other Instruments: n/a


Inspired by the combination of a stained glass church window depicting creation and the Columbia disaster, CREATION ETERE is a truly exceptional composition. In early 2008, a recording was played aboard the International Space Station.

The unique opening measures are written in aleatoric style (‘chance’ music) – like random tones of wind chimes or the sound of rain on the roof, not having a defined pattern, but rather interpreted by the ringers without direction. This is contrasted with the entrance of an intense, allegro section leading to the introduction of the hymn tune ARISE. The concluding section returns to the allegro mood.

The composer has included the hymn tunes FILLI ET FILLAE and ARISE within the work.

CreationEtere 20214


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