Dances from the Terpsichore


Composer: Various

Arranger: Susan T Nelson

Octaves Handbell: 3-5

Octaves Handchimes: N/A

Level: 2

Other Instruments: N/A

Permission is granted to print the number of copies needed for your group but not for resale or distribution


Dances from the Terpsichore ( written in 1612) is the only secular work written by Praetorius. Terpsichore, named for the Greek goddess of music, consists of 312 different dances and is often played in winter festivals. All parts are compatible or can stand totally alone, and can be performed separately or in any combination. The titles in this work are:

  • Ballet
  • Bransle de la Torche
  • Courante
  • Pavane de Spaigne
  • Sarabande
  • Spagnoletta
  • Volta
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