Composer: Matthew Prins

Arranger:  n/a

CHOIR 1: Level: 3-
     Octaves Handbell:  5 – 6
     Octaves Handchimes: 5 or 6

CHOIR 2: Level: 1+
     Octaves Handbell:  3
     Octaves Handchimes: 5 or 6

Other Instruments: Optional 3 octaves alternate bells


 An original work that is every bit reflective of its title: Énergique! Written for two choirs with different ability levels and differing sets of handbells, this works well in a festival setting or even within a community or church group with one 5-octave and another 3-octave set. In addition, the inclusion of ‘alternate bells’ such as Petit-Fritsen, Silver Melody Bells etc adds that extra interest. In the absence of those alternate sets, that part may be rung with handchimes or bells. There are enough techniques and energy to keep everyone engaged.

Energique 20416 mst prt


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