Fantasy on Simple Gifts


Composer: Traditional Shaker Tune

Arranger: Brian Childers

Octaves Handbells: 5 – 7 octaves

Octaves Handchimes: 5 – 7 octaves

              OR ……

Octaves Handbells:  3 – 4 octaves

Octaves Handchimes: 3 – 4 octaves

Optional:   Auxiliary (8 bells) ~ Db5 – D6

BOTH versions are Level: 3+

Other instruments:  ‘Cello and  Flute – These scores fit with both versions

This performance recording courtesy of the Myers Park UMC Adult Handbell Choir, Charlotte, NC,  Brian Childers, Director



The traditional Shaker tune, commonly known as “Simple Gifts” has been given new life in Brian’s amazing arrangement for handbells, optional auxiliary bells, flute and ‘cello. The dynamic introduction sets the stage with bells, flute, and cello hinting at the main melody while establishing the character of this setting, which leads into a playful entrance of the song using TD and mallets in the accompaniment.  Handchimes shine in this gentle  section followed by a well-crafted, contrapuntal segue to an ethereal development featuring the melody in ‘cello and handchimes. The final section begins with the melody rung in the 4’s and the ‘cello with the flute adding the icing on this musical cake as it revisits the style established in the beginning. The ending is musically sophisticated, creative, and elegant.

This glorious setting has tones, textures, and interplay among parts and instruments that are superb, making it the perfect selection for all groups Level 3 and beyond to have in your repertoire for those occasions calling for a stellar work!

View the 5-7 octave version:

Fantasy Simple Gifts 20691-5-M web


View the 3-4 octave version:

Fantasy Simple Gifts 20691-3-M web


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5-7 oct Master Score, 5-7 oct HB Score, 3-4 oct Master Score, 3-4 oct HB Score, Flute Score, 'Cello Score


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