Fasaad ~ Hazar ~ Shalom


Composer: Timothy H. Waugh

Arranger:  n/a

Octaves Handbell:  5 – 7

Octaves Handchimes: 4

Level: 4

Other Instruments: n/a


Written to express some of the deep feelings of loss, frustration and change brought on by the attacks of 9/11, “Fasaad~Hazar~Shalom” is an intense original composition. The title uses 3 languages from the Middle East to convey the emotions expressed in the piece. “Fasaad” is a Hindi word that can be translated as conflict. “Hazar” is an Arabic word for fear or terror and the Hebrew word “Shalom” can be translated as Peace. A gong, combined with a cacophonous chord, is used to represent the breaking of the spirit. The final section, representing peace, returns to the beginning theme. This work is 85 measures.



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