Ho Ri, Ho Ro


Composer: Traditional Gaelic Melody

Arranger:  Malcolm C. Wilson

Octaves Handbell:  2 – 3

Octaves Handchimes: n/a

Level: 1

Other Instruments: n/a


 Based on a traditional Gaelic melody, Ho Ri, Ho Ro,  is an engaging and interesting piece. It may be rung on handbells or handchimes. Opening with dotted half note chords, which are tolled, it proceeds to an introduction and statement of the melody, then closes with a repeat of the opening tolled chords. Alternate titles provided are “Tiree Love Song” and “Heaven on Earth“. Mr. Wilson has included background on the isle of Tiree, where the melody originated. He has also included information concerning the modern hymn text for “Heaven on Earth” and the history and meaning of the original song and its title.



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