Hymn, Song and Dance


Composer: Lonnie Dorgan

Arranger:  N/A

Octaves Handbell:  3-6

Octaves Handchimes: N/A

Level: Hymn and Song – 3;   Dance – 4

Other Instruments: N/A


This original work is actually a suite of three pieces – Hymn, Song, and Dance – all built around a shared melody but with completely different styles. ‘Hymn’ is in 4/4 time and quite steady in meter, consisting mainly of quarter notes with passing eighths. ‘Song’ is written in 12/8 with a flowing pattern of three eighth notes throughout. ‘Dance’ is quite lively and rhythmic, written in 2/4, with a jig-type feel and a variety of stopped techniques. Due to the tempo, rhythm and techniques,

Hymn Song Dance 20494


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