The word, Ícaro, means “magic song” in some languages, and ‘magic song’ certainly reflects the creativity of this amazing piece!

Beginning in 5/4, the malleted bass line, which was the initial inspiration for this work, establishes the pattern that is present throughout the 5/4 sections.  A mid-range melody line enters followed by a higher treble melody that engages all the parts in a melodic, flowing contrapuntal interplay. It then segues to an engaging Latin jazz ‘B’ section written in 3/4 before returning to the 5/4. Rung at Vivo! tempo, this piece requires precise, accurate ringing and damping in order for the clarity of the writing to shine. Ícaro is an amazingly creative work that will be a fun challenge for all Bronze level groups!

Ícaro was chosen for Distinctly Bronze-West, October 2022.


Ícaro 20725 web


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