Impromptu for Cello and Handbells


Composer: Brian Childers

Arranger: N/A

Octaves Handbell: 3 or 5

Octaves Handchimes: N/A

Level: 3

Other Instruments: Cello


This original composition features a lovely, lush melody beautifully supported by bells – sometimes with a countermelody. A very nice modulation from C major to E♭ major near the end is quite satisfying for the listener. This is a lyrical work that even level 4 and 5 groups will enjoy since making it smooth and seamless throughout will be quite gratifying. The solo could be played by any instrument with the correct range, although cello is the best instrument of choice to show off the texture and interplay between the solo melody and the bell accompaniment. 51 measures. Keys of C major and E♭ major.

Impromptu for Bells Cello 20417-M

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Handbells, Cello, Full Score


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