Hymn Tune:  ANTIOCH – Handel

Arranger: CJ Caminiti

Octaves Handbell: 5 – 7

Octaves Handchimes: 5 – 7

Optional:  Synthesizer/keyboard

Optional:  Cajon

Level: 4-

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This wonderful setting of the favorite hymn tune ANTIOCH is introduced with the melody framed by singing bells while handchimes in the 6th & 7th octaves randomly ring, suggesting twinkling stars.  This is followed by a rhythmic section featuring the melody accompanied by 16th note LV passages and mart/mart-lift rhythmic patterns in the bass. The excitement continues with a bit of change in the rhythm creating energy which builds to the end. Optional synth/keyboard (warm pad) is suggested and the addition of Cajon will add another level of listening pleasure to this delightful arrangement.


Joy 20689-M web

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Conductor, Handbell, Synth/Cajon


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