Prelude in G Minor


Composer: Sergei Rachmaninoff

Arranger: Scott McGlasson

Octaves Handbell: 5 – 6

Octaves Handchimes: 3

Level: 5



Rachmaninoff created this well-known piano solo which Scott has beautifully transcribed for handbells. It begins in march style – Alla Marcia – with much energy,  malleting notes on the table, interspersed with key melody segments that are Rung. The melody appears in all octaves and is featured predominantly in the 3s and 4s.  The middle section has sweeping LV arpeggios in the bass supporting lyrical chords and a counter-melody rung on handchimes.  A variety of dynamics ranging from ppp to FF with appropriate crescendos and diminuendos offer opportunities for excellent musicianship. Marts and mart-lifts are used on the cadence of some of the sections.

This will definitely be a rewarding challenge for your Bronze musicians! Audiences will be amazed at the overall effect handbells bring to this classical gem.

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