Ringin’ Da Funk


Composer: Wiliam E. Gross

Octaves Handbell: 3 or 5

Octaves Handchimes: n/a

Level: 4



Will Gross has created a truly ‘funky’ piece, true to the style in the title!  The introduction tempo notes that it should be rung “With Emotion.” Then the fun begins with a Funky Groove tempo, featuring a single line, catchy tune soon supported by a ‘funky groove’ rhythm – complete with cowbell.  Yes… cowbell!  Syncopation, rhythmic inner-voice counter-melodies, key changes with cool segues all will keep your ringers fully engaged. This is a rare, rhythmic piece that has absolutely NO stopped sounds; it is rung from beginning to end! Bass ringers are sure to enjoy ‘ringing’ this one – not a mallet to be found! The rests are nearly as important as the notes so clean damping will make this piece shine! Tempo and accidentals make this one a Level 4.

Ringin' Da Funk 20658 web


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