Samuel Prescott’s Ride


Composer: Matthew Prins

Arranger: N/A

Octaves Handbell: 2 – 5

Octaves Handchimes: N/A

Level: 3

Other Instruments: Timpani


Paul Revere was not the only one to make that famous midnight ride. There were two other unheralded heroes–William Dawes and Samuel Prescott–riding to warn the patriots on the eve of the American revolution. However, along the way Revere was detained by the British for questioning, Dawes fell off his horse; and so Samuel Prescott was the only rider to make it to Concord to warn the patriots there. Composer Matthew Prins has captured the essence of the urgency and excitement of the event, the pounding hooves, and the success of Samuel Prescott in this original composition.

Prescott'sRide 20202-5

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2-3 Octave, 3-5 Octave, Timpani


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