Se Essa Rua Fosse Minha (If This Street Were Mine)


Composer: Brazilian Folk Tune

Arranger: Mitchell Eithun

Octaves Handbell: 3 – 5

Octaves Handchimes: 3 – 5

Level: 3



Lore has it that this little delightful Brazilian folk tune was perhaps written in honor or Princess Isabel in the 1800s. Whatever its origin, it has become a favorite of children in the style of a ‘nursery rhyme’ and has extensive lyrics – which are included with the score. It is written in a-minor and the tune begins using only handchimes. Bells then enter and Ring the engaging tune with a bit of counter-melody and includes LVs and a few phrase markings for an expressive and legato feel. Addition of some dynamics and a few echoes are included as it continues to a sweet and gentle ending.

Se Essa 20735 WEB


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