Sumer Is Icumen In


Composer:Mid-13th Century Medieval English Round (Rota)

Arranger: Patricia Hurlbutt

Octaves Handbell: 3 – 6

Octaves Handchimes: n/a

Level: 3



Sumer Is Icumen In translates as ‘summer has arrived,’ and is sometimes known as “The Cuckoo Song.” This mid-13th century rota – or round – is dated back to a manuscript from the mid-1200s. Patricia has created a delightful arrangement complete with ‘cuckoo’ bell snippits represented in the score, and the development is delightful from beginning to end. It begins calm yet lightly dancing with melody appearing in both treble and bass staffs. The addition of stopped technique of your choice (Pl, mallet, TD) moving into a full-out joyous iteration includes several beautifully developed key changes. It literally dances to the end and is filled with unbridled joy representing the coming of summer. This is definitely a “must-have” for your ensemble!

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