Transit Time


Composer: Kurt Meyer

Octaves Handbell: 3 – 6

Octaves Handchimes: 3

Level: 4 –



Transit Time was inspired by the past few years’ increased focus on shipping and delivery of packages and mail to your home. One definition of transit time reads:  The amount of time spent when moving goods from its origin to its destination, which may or may not include intermediate stops and/or transfers. One can only imagine the ‘transportation journey’ your order or letter may experience… and Kurt has put that imagined journey into music! He opted to make it ‘upbeat’ at a clip to counter the oft-expressed ‘snail-mail’ moniker! The melody is a little motif that crawls up a step in each iteration plus a malleted bass groove to keep the rhythm and energy moving forward. There are a few legato sections which are quite lovely and offset the energy while not slowing the pace. Techniques include table mallet, mart, mart-lift, echo, Shake, LV and RT – all perfectly placed for musical effect. This is a piece that is sure to engage your ringers and entertain your audiences!

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