What Wondrous Love Is This (Solo)


Composer: Christian Folk Hymn

Arranger: Krug, Jason W.

Octaves: 3

Level: 2

Other Instruments: Optional C-instrument; piano accompaniment



The opening piano and C-instrument sound sets a foreboding and almost ominous tone. The bell solo entrance features the melody we all know and love, still supported by the dark, opening tone in the accompaniment. Then in measure 29, the darkness begins to lift, imparting a feeling of hopefulness. It builds to a solidly positive ending. This is a wonderful work for introspective worship, especially during the Lenten season. Note: The C-instrument is optional but adds so very much to the work. 56 measures. Key of f minor. All parts are included in the score.

What Wondrous Love 1098 combined


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